Why The Samsung S7 Is The Best Android Phone Of 2016

Samsung knows exactly how to make on the top and made it as Android phone, and with the Galaxy S7, it's just pulled another phenomenon out of the bag. Which is the best phone of 2016, Yes that right! And at the moment the Galaxy S7 is unbeatable, and we struggle to check which phone might be able to beat it off. Even the LG G5 and the HTC 10 can't clench a candle to Samsung's flagship. We really think Samsung's smashed it with the Galaxy S7.

Samsung Still Make It To The Point To Be On The Top

It's worth claiming the Galaxy S7 is a twin and sibling - the Galaxy S7 edge - is also a very capable Android phone comes with unique dual-curved-edge screen. On the other hand, the Galaxy S7 is a great all-rounder that is more improved than the already brilliant S6. Samsung has enhanced on its winning formula in the most significant way: by listening and offering what consumers want. And, hence it's Samsung, it's also piled on even greater performance.

All time favorite flagship handsets in 2015 and 2016 had been Samsung Galaxy S models in the past. A lot of consumers liked certain elements of Samsung's devices but had always hated the overall design way back when it was plasticky, and the TouchWiz UI was thickly layered on top of Android. Those past few years of the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5, are the best to recommend for an Android phone. There are some great choices too for alternatives, some of Sony's Xperia devices fashioned from premium design and built, perhaps an HTC One model is great smartphone over the years too, or the Google Nexus, might even the odd Motorola.

Samsung S7 Is The Winner

The Point is, though the issue of Note 7 explosion has made Samsung fell down from the ground. However, the Samsung S7 is selling like hotcakes until now and the Note 7 could have been. Still, Samsung S7 is still the most powerful and impressive android smartphone this 2016.

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