Climate Change: Stronger But Smaller Storms Will Hit US

Climate change is bringing in much more severe weather patterns. There has been a noticeable steady increase in stronger storms and hurricanes. With climate change, stronger but smaller storm will hit the US.

A new model for storm behavior developed by University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory shows that storms would be much smaller, though they would also be much stronger and deadlier. The new model uses statistical data to identify and track storm features.

The storms that would be coming will have lesser precipitation. That means they would have more deadlier winds in them. Lesser precipitation though would also have much economic effect. That means many farmlands would receive less rain from coming storms. With lesser precipitation, drought would become more frequent, according to Science Daily.

Many models show that climate change has brought on higher levels of atmospheric carbon. While this might mean a more intense precipitation, its intensity is actually just marginally been increased. Total precipitation has only been increased by one to two percent per degree in temperature rise.

The new model proposed by postdoctoral scholar and now assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati Won Chang together with his colleagues aim to address the discrepancies found climate data. By analyzing present and future storm simulations, the researchers have seen changes in stronger storms. Stronger storms didn't produce as much rainfall as expected.

Differences between what models predict and what weather is really like have also been observed, as Computation Institute reports. What they found out was that models showed storms to be larger and weaker than what has been actually seen. Many models have shown that storms will change in frequency, but not in size, as noted by study senior author Elizabeth Moyer, associate professor of Geophysical Sciences at the University of Chicago.

With the new model, Chang has said that climate models are starting to be like weather models. He has also said that the method could be a standard for model evaluation in the future. As climate change continues, stronger but smaller storms will hit the US, as a new model has shown. Changes in the climate can affect areas, as shown by the change in the Sahara due to climate change.

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