Pokemon Go Update: How To Use New Tracker To Catch Pokemon

Pokemon Go recently unlocked the Nearby feature to more states. However, the tracker has been noted to work better in urban places rather than in the rural side. Furthermore, Pokemon has been noted to spawn and despawn while tracking.

Previously, the Nearby Pokemon GO feature was region-locked in San Francisco. However, Niantic has unleashed the Pokemon GO feature to more areas starting Nov. 30. On the contrary, it has been noted that the recently unlocked Pokemon GO feature may be tricky and confusing.

Apparently, the sightings feature no longer appears in Pokemon GO. Furthermore, the tracker is said to be biased to urban areas. Apparently, with wider fields for Pokestops, players in rural places reportedly find it difficult to go by the new Pokemon GO feature.

Note that the tracker is now located on the bottom right of the Pokemon GO screen. Additionally, the Nearby feature reportedly lists nine Pokemon in the user's location. Moreover, the tracker may also include a screenshot of the nearest Pokestop.

When reading the tracker, start by clicking on a Pokestop with the desired Pokemon. Note that the game may point out where it lies on the Pokemon GO map. Then, a little bubble with footprints may be found next to the Pokestop revealing how close the monster is to the Pokestop. Walk around that Pokestop and hurl Pokeballs at the monster to capture.

In other news, Pokemon GO is reportedly constantly selling in the market despite the release of the new Pokemon Sun and Moon. It has been noted that Pokemon GO has been raking in a solid $3 million a day. Moreover, Pokemon GO has also reigned in the mobile game industry for half a year.

Pokemon GO also released several treats for its fanbase with special events. Niantic launched the big Halloween Event and the Thanksgiving Event. It is said that the events alone pushed the daily user count by 20 percent in U.S. alone. Furthermore, Pokemon GO is also expecting the Holiday event. Watch the Legendary and Rewards Rumored for the Holiday event here:


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