Pokémon Sun and Moon Guide: How To Use Araquanid

By K.C , Dec 06, 2016 04:50 AM EST

Araquanid is considered is one of the ideal hard hitters in Pokémon Sun and Moon primarily because of its ability to deal twice damage on Water-type moves as well as having a decent amount of HP and Sp. Def that can resist basically most super-effective attacks. This Pokémon is also great at dealing against Trick Room abusers and can run using the move as well. So without further delay, let's move on to the actual moveset guide.

Pokémon Sun and Moon: How To Use Araquanid

 Araquanid's key strength relies heavily on its new ability called Water Bubble which basically doubles the Water-type moves of this Pokémon as well as rendering it immune to burn. Fire Power is also passively reduced by halve. This Pokémon is insane especially when you're running in an offensive Rain teams as it can mostly 1 or 2 shot most enemies with Liquidation. But before we move on to the Pokémon's moveset, let's first look at the base stats of this Pokémon.

Araquanid Base Stats















Pokémon Sun and Moon: Araquanid Moveset and Build

As you can see, this Pokémon has high Def and Sp.Def which means that it can take some beating both from physical and special attacks. The best way to build this Pokémon is to max out both HP and Attack (EV) and put the remaining points on Sp.Def. But here's the catch, this Pokémon doesn't have much to offer when it comes to moves except for Liquidation which means that for the most part, you'll only be spamming this move all day long. So here's the perfect build for Araquanid in an offensive Rain Team:

HP - +252
Attack - +252
Sp.Def - 4
Item: Choice Band
Nature: Brave
Ability: Water Bubble

Leech Life
Poison Jab
Sleep Talk

Frankly speaking, Araquanid is only good at one thing and that is, Liquidation therefore, we're going to maximize the efficiency of this Pokémon with this move, hence we will use Choice Band. Ideally, we would like it to have Brave Nature as well as 0 IV primarily because we would want it to be a great counter for Trick Room users. This Pokémon is also great at Trick Room due to its very low speed stat.

Bottom line, Araquanid is very great when you're running with a Rain Team due to its ability to deal Double-damage on Water-type moves. You will basically 1-2 shots most of the Pokémon. Due to your insane amount of damage, your Liquidation even pierces through Resistances which is shown by pokeaimMD  in the video down below.

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