Dead Rising 4 Guide: How To Unlock Exo Suit And Maximize It

Dead Rising 4 Guide: How To Unlock Exo Suit And Maximize It
Dead Rising 4 brings a new and exciting addition to the franchise: Exo Suits. Learn how to maximize its potential here. Photo : outsidexbox/YouTube

Frank is back in Dead Rising 4 and this time, he is the weapon. The newest installment introduces Exo Suits, which essentially turns our protagonist into a walking tank. Exo Suits are conveniently littered throughout the world of Dead Rising 4. Here's how you can use them.

How To Unlock Exo Suits In Dead Rising 4

The only thing you have to do to gain access to Exo Suits is to continue through the main storyline. At one point, you will be able to leave the Willamette Memorial Megaplex to head to Old Town. By then, Exo Suits will be available to you. You can even go back to the mall and you will find some inside.

You will immediately know when you've found an Exo Suit. Just look out for a cache labelled "Exo Suit." Ain't that easy? These are usually located in supply crates or on the ground. Sometimes, they'll a little harder to find. Most of the times, they're heavily guarded by Dead Rising 4 Obscuris mercenaries.

Dead Rising 4 Guide: How To Use Exo Suits

The most logical thing to do with them is to bash the zombies' heads in. However, there are various uses for it. This is one of the best things about Dead Rising 4; weapons are not limited to certain uses and they are not limited to the usual appearances either.

You can use Exo Suits in Dead Rising 4 to run across a horde of zombies without slowing down. You can even use it to run as far as you can before it falls apart. This is great when escaping from zombies and you can't be bothered to individually destroy them.

Another great thing to use it on is digging up blueprints. Because some of these are hidden underneath concrete ground, you have to don an Exo Suit to gain access to it.

One thing to note, however, is that it only lasts two minutes so you better make use of the limited time. You can gauge how much time you still have by looking at the charge meter. Better find a hiding place in Dead Rising 4 before the battery drains or be prepared to survive on your own.

Better yet, device a plan before even suiting up. You would want to make use of the time you have properly. What is your objective? Do you want to use it to run to a safer place or you just want to get a blueprint? Do you want to kill the zombies that have surrounded you or do you just want to run around feeling like a Titan?

How To Maximize Exo Suits In Dead Rising 4

Sometimes, there would be recharge points where you can - well - recharge your Exo Suit so you can use it longer, but they usually appear in story missions. You can also check the back of the suit. If the lights are purple, that means you can stop worrying about running out of battery.

Wearing Exo Suits will also open you up to new interactions with new objects scattered around in Dead Rising 4. You can equip miniguns, pirate cannons, flamethrowers and other weapons would normally be unable to use. You can even attach unconventional objects and crazy combo weapons. Look out for the ones highlighted by a purple icon.

Exo Suits are definitely a fun and crazy addition to the Dead Rising franchise. In my opinion, Dead Rising 4 is a whole lot more fun with them. With all these ridiculous weapons, is anyone actually afraid of the zombie threat?

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