Final Fantasy XV Guide: Rainbow Frog Locations; The Frogs Of Legend Side Quest

By Hauntress , Dec 06, 2016 03:42 PM EST

The demand for Final Fantasy XV guides and walkthroughs have risen to considerable new heights since the release of Square Enix's game. The Frogs of Legend is one of the many side quests you can do in the Land of Eos and beyond. Here's a guide on the quest and the Rainbow Frogs' locations.

Final Fantasy XV The Frog of Legend Side Quest

This quest is located in the Meldacio Hunter HQ and can be unlocked after completing the Professor's Protégé quest line. To start the quest, finish the Protégé quest line given to you by Sania, a friend of Gladiolus in Final Fantasy XV and talk to her again. She will tell you that the legendary Rainbow Frogs have captured her interest and no one knows where they are but she will give you 'water' as a hint.

Since no one has captured these frogs, the data about them is zilch and so she will give you the task of collecting five Rainbow Frogs yourself. These frogs are scattered to most of the major locations within Final Fantasy XV that have a body of water. Despite the hint, they are relatively hard to find and might need a bit of patience.

Final Fantasy XV Rainbow Frogs Location

To get the first Rainbow Frog in Final Fantasy XV, head on over to the west bank of the Vesterpool. From the Fishing Spot or the dock, head left and cross the water until you reach the first island you see. The first Rainbow Frog will be there.

The second Rainbow Frog in Final Fantasy XV is located at the Ravatoghan River Area. Right around the spot where the river splits in two is the second frog, resting near a boulder. Rainbow Frog number three is located at Hulldagh Pike River Area, sitting quietly between the huge boulder and the shoreline.

You will catch the fourth frog at the Saxham Outpost. The frog is sitting right next to the biggest boulder nearest to the water tank. The last Rainbow Frog in Final Fantasy XV is at Alstor Slough. Head for the lake through the trees and the frog will be between the tree and the shore. Return to Sania to end the quest and that's how you finish the Frogs of Legend quest.

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