Google WiFi News & Update: Google’s Mesh WiFi System Is Cheap But Powerful, Easy To Set Up

By Edge Ison , Dec 07, 2016 06:45 AM EST

Google has released its new Google WiFi, a mesh WiFi network that replaces the conventional router, providing seamless WiFi coverage throughout the home.

Through multiple units that actively communicate with each other, the mesh network eliminates WiFi dead zones and offers fast, stable WIFi connection that typical routers can't provide.

Before the advent of mesh WiFi networking, most people relied on WiFi extenders to cover the WiFi dead zones in their homes. However, these devices weren't very good at their jobs and even made the WiFi signal worse by cutting the available internet speeds in half. Worse, most of these WiFi extenders required users to reconnect from the main router to the WiFi extender as they moved around their home. The Google WiFi fixes all these problems.

The Google WiFi consists of one to three units that connect to each other, creating a mesh network that blankets the entire house. The network provides fast and reliable WiFi without reducing the internet speed and switches the connection to multiple devices automatically, without interruption. According to Google, the Google WiFi, a dual-band router, supports two spatial streams at the same time and delivers maximum throughput of 300 Mbps via the 2.4 GHz band and 867 Mbps via the 5 GHz band.

With the Google WiFi app, users can take full control of their network. The app allows families to share their WiFi password, pause the WiFi connection to devices (such as children's tablets), see which devices are online, and allow guests to connect to the network. Incredibly, while many WiFi systems can be expensive, the Google WiFi retails for just $129.

PC World reports that with the Google WiFi Network Assist, the installation process can be completed in just a few minutes. Business Insider found that Google WiFi delivers better speeds than WiFi extenders, and that the signal provided by the system was more than enough for browsing the internet, using social media, and even streaming Netflix. However, the outlet warns that the satellite unit of the Google WiFi might not be enough for those with more demanding needs (such as gamers).

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