Final Fantasy XV Guide: Here's What You Can Get For Trading Caem Carrots

By Shayne Nicole Caravana , Dec 07, 2016 08:19 AM EST

Final Fantasy XV offers a wide range of weapons that players can choose from. Sometimes, they acquire them through missions and sidequests. However, it is also possible to get them by trading in Caem Carrots. Here is a list of what players can get by doing so.

Weapons For Some Carrots

The player can go to Tony and give him four carrots in exchange for some cool stuff. The player has a chance to get one among four special weapons such as Force Stealer, Plunderers, Valiant and Absorb Shield. The reward is completely random, so there is no chance of picking one. Players can also get Ulwaat Berries from him, too. 

How To Grow Caem Carrots

Once the player has decided to grow Caem carrots, all he needs to do is to sleep because they grow overnight. However, he can only harvest up to four carrots a day and fewer when the player is just starting out. According to Gamers Heroes, the player also needs to wait for about one to two days before the soil is ready to be planted on again.

Caem carrots seeds are given to the player by an NPC in a cabin in Cape Caem. Because the vegetables do not require a lot of time to grow, the player has the chance to trade it to Tony for about two to three times a week. The longer the player can wait, the more carrots he can harvest.

Plating Caem carrots can also help the player earn more money in Final Fantasy XV. He can sell it to a restaurant and the owner will pay 500 Gils for each carrot. Also, the owner will sometimes offer the player special items such as an auto part or random weapon for the vegetables. 

Final Fantasy XV is one interesting game because of how the story of the game flows. Also, the game seems to offer its players different ways in order to earn money and to get upgradable weapons that can help them in their journey. 

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