Pokémon Sun and Moon: Poké Balls Inheritance Explained

By K.C , Dec 08, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Breeding constantly evolves every time a new Generation is released and in Pokémon Sun and Moon, breeding has been tweaked quite a bit - to name a few, riding Pokémon(Taurus charge) hastens your Egg's hatching time and we can no longer use O-Powers and Infinite Day Care Loop unlike before. Another particular change in breeding is the tweaking of Poke Ball's Inheritance which we will explain here.

Two Different Pokémon Types

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, Poké Ball inheritance has been made simpler. Right now, the female Pokémon will always pass down its Poké Ball - the same goes for the resulting offspring between the two Pokémon regardless of the types and evolution.

Two Similar Pokémon Types

In the case of breeding two Pokémon of the same species, either parent can pass it down (50% each). If you want to learn more about IVs, abilities, etc., checkout our full Pokémon Sun and Moon Breeding Guide.

Pokémon and Ditto

Ditto is considered as the holy grail for breeding as this Pokémon makes breeding a lot easier and virtually possible for all Pokémon. When breeding with a Ditto, the resulting offspring will always inherit the other Pokémon's Poké Ball regardless of the parent's gender. Even genderless Pokémon (e.g. Magnemite) can breed with Ditto and will pass down its Poké Ball to its offspring. Here is a good example of the Gen VII Inheritance chart.

In other news, we may now soon have our Pokémon walk and follow us as dataminers have leaked exciting new evidence which shows world animation for all Pokémon. Moreover, here's here's some evidence that shows Marshadow and Mew events in the future as well as new Z-Crystals and Z-moves in the game.

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