Supercell To Release Next Clash Of Clans Update A Week Before Christmas

There has been much talks about Clash of Clans in recent memory. One is the possibility of Supercell releasing a huge update this month of December. Apparently, this is bound to happen in a few weeks. That's right -- the developers are set to release it a week before Christmas happens.

According to AllClash, in the official forum site of Supercell, Anoushka (one of the known admins) has shed some light on the ongoing rumors about the next big update. He iterated that the studio is in fact ready to release it. When? Well, as mentioned above, players can expect it to be unleashed a week before the Holiday season kicks off.

Specifically, the aforementioned Clash of Clans update will arrive between December 19 and December 23. Anoushka wrote while saying "fingers crossed." While this is definitely an exciting thing to look forward to, most fans are still hoping for it be released in an earlier timeline. Regardless, the update is happening.

Now that the Yuletide season is slowly creeping in, players can expect changes in the game. Among these are the Halloween Obstacles, the Scary Pumpkin in particular. This one here are not spawning anymore, thus they should be replaced of items or stuff consistent to the Holiday theme. This is purely due to the studio preparing things for the December update. After all, the pumpkin is merely there for the Halloween event.

With the impending release of Clash of Clans December update, the studio is expected to release more sneak peeks next week. From there, players will be treated to a good amount teaser images and/or videos. More information or details are also deemed to be unveiled soon, as the next update nears its release.

In related news, the titular mobile game for both Android and iOS is rumored to introduce a VR (Virtual Reality) feature. While this is definitely a shot to the moon, there's no telling Supercell can't deliver it. However, as a rumor, it remains a mystery. Hence players should take it as a grain of salt.

What are your thoughts on the forthcoming Clash of Clans December update? What are your expectations? Be sure to share us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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