PlayStation Experience 2016 News: Here's The Most Anticipated Independent Titles

In PlayStation Experience 2016, Sony just announced different titles that players can enjoy in their console. Among the announcements are independent titles that cannot be ignored amidst the AAA games. Here are the top three independent games announced during the event.

What Can The Players Expect From HeartForth, Alicia?

HeartForth, Alicia has been developed for a long time just like Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian. According to RPG Site, the game will be more compatible with a modern gaming console such as PS4 Pro because of its complicated system.

HeartForth, Alicia is also an RPG. It is inspired by the popular Castlevania with the whip that Alicia possesses. The game will bring back the old school challenge that allows the players to focus on learning how RPG really works. The game will include a leveling feature that can directly affect the main character's stats.

What's New With Battle Chef Brigade?

Battle Chef Brigade is a game version of the cooking show "Iron Chef." Players were really happy that they have the chance to play the game again on PlayStation. According to Games Radar, the game allows the players to live their dream as a chef in the form of Mina who is the main character.

Battle Chef Brigade is not a normal cooking game using the usual meats of cows, pigs and chicken. Instead, the players need to chase wild boars and alike in order to produce a hearty meal. Once the player is done, he needs the judges to taste his masterpiece and let them score it.

How Can The Player Enjoy Death's Gambit?

Sony will be releasing Death's Gambit as part of the independent titles it will be supporting. Players will surely notice the game because of its smooth animation and colorful graphics. Also, the game is more challenging compared to Dark Souls.

The boss in Death's Gambit is a tough enemy in the released demo. After defeating it, the player will be satisfied and will be wishing for more. The game is a harder and cooler than Castlevania, too. The game is recommended for those who wants to take on the extra challenge.

The gamers are really excited about these upcoming games on PlayStation. They are hoping that next year will be better compared this year because the video games released this year are really fascinating.

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