Android Now Used More Than Apple Phones

By Matthew Klickstein , Mar 09, 2013 10:14 AM EST
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Even though Android has seemingly overwhelmed the marketplace as of late, Google has struggled to translate its high market share into sold phone usage.

All that has changed now that Androids make up an astonishing 37 percent of the usage share in comparison to Apple's 25 percent share.

In light of this irrefutable evidence of Android ("finally") taking over the marketplace that had been Apple all the way for some time, The Motley Fool wonders if this means that Apple senior VP Phil Schiller isn't about to "eat his words."

The statement is in reference to Schiller's recently having gushed publicly over Apple's "control[ling] 75% of the profit with just 20% of the share."

The Motley Fool is still cautious about claiming Android as the undisputed champion of the world in the long rivalry against Apple, however.

"For one, Apple is primarily engaged in selling high-end devices for a ridiculous markup and Google is more entrenched in the usage business above anything else," The Motley Fool says.

It notes too that just because Androids are now being "used" (Fool's choice of quotes) more than Apple products, that doesn't mean the latter's profit share is on the decline.

"It simply means that Android's existing users have begun to utilize their devices more as mobile computing devices," The Motley Fool says.  

We may see Androids numbers driving up over the next months, though, considering increased usage of the phones means Apple's own app developers might start switching teams. This could mean another sea change in the realm of Apple's profitable App Store versus the Google Play Store.

For those interested in more than just reading about Google's new success, The Motley Fool has been kind enough to grant us a breakdown of the risks and potential rewards for investors of the company.

Will Android be able to keep it up? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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