Final Fantasy XV Planned Updates And Season Pass Content

By Gen Que , Dec 09, 2016 04:40 AM EST

The Final Fantasy XV gameplay is great but just like any other game upon first release, it has some problems and glitches. Square Enix knows this, of course, and promises to release some updates and fixes to address these issues as well as free content.

Some of the planned updates for Final Fantasy XV include minor text fixes and the potential ability to create your own characters. Square will also try to balance and rebalance the game. They are also planning to create more cutscenes for other characters, such as Ravus. They are also planning to make the other characters in the game playable.

Aside from their fixes, Square also plans to bring in new free content which includes new items, new bosses, new game, and limited time bounty hunts. With the new game, players can bring in their stat and items from the previous game. The new items can cause new styles of play, such as god mode run or low level run. The new bosses, on the other hand, will bring in potential rewards.

Square Enix is also planning to bring Season Pass content. The content will have new features and new stories. The tentative titles for the Season Pass content include FFXV Holiday Pack, FFXV Booster Pack, FFXV Episode Gladiolus, FFXV Episode Ignis, FFXV Episode Prompto, and FFXV Expansion Pack: Comrades.

The previous Final Fantasy XV update was called the Crown Update which brought some fixes and changes in the menu, the Regalia, the battle mode, and even the field. It also brought some scenes from Final Fantasy Kingslaive and Omen, which were not able to fit in the previous game because of its size.

There isn't any confirmation or announcement yet when these planned updates and fixes will be put into effect but fans are excited and hoped that it will be soon.

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