Super Mario Run Reveals Secret Characters And Game Modes

A brand-spanking-new trailer for Super Mario Run has rolled out today and it features some of the game's modes and mechanics that would make gamers of all sorts want to play it. The game is set to be launched on mobile devices that run under iOS which makes it the first Nintendo mobile game.

On top of the game's mechanics and modes, secret characters were also revealed in the trailer. These are Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi. Here are the details about Super Mario Run so far and it seems Nintendo is putting their best foot forward for their first mobile game.

The Toad Rally game mode absorbs players in a PVP face off in time attack challenges. In this mode in Super Mario Run, players need to go through the same course and collect as much coins as possible. The player with most coins collected will not be determined as the winner as Toad cheers are being added to the equation. Players need to do cool moves while running through the course to gain Toad counts. Coins plus toads equal your total score will be the deciding factors for the winner.

The Kingdom Builder mode lets players create their own Kingdom in the colorful world of Super Mario Run. To be able to do so, players must collect coins to spend for their custom kingdoms. Customizations include building purchases, decorations, and a whole lot more. Certain buildings, when built, offer bonus games which in turn unlock other characters such as Luigi, Yoshi, and more.

Each character has their own move set and special abilities. Luigi, for example, can do a skywalk while Yoshi can float over long distances. Toad is said to be unlocked via MyNintendo Reward which can be availed if you have an account.

Super Mario Run will be dashing across iOS devices on Dec. 15. Full game purchase is set at $9.99.

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