'Baby Boomers Should Stay At Work To Keep Healthy,' Researchers Say

Baby boomers should consider staying to work until they reach 70 to stay healthier for longer, according to a new study. People who are considered under baby boomer are said to be at risk for many diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart problems. Staying in paid employment, volunteering or joining community groups can help people be physically and mentally active for longer.

Who Are The Baby Boomers?

Baby boomers are the demographic group born during the post–World War II baby boom, approximately between the years 1946 and 1964. This includes people who are between 52 and 70 years old in 2016, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The term "baby boomer" is also used in a cultural context, so it is difficult to achieve broad consensus of a precise date definition.

Different people, organizations, and scholars have varying opinions on who is a baby boomer, both technically and culturally. Ascribing universal attributes to such a generation is difficult, and some believe it is inherently impossible, but many have attempted to determine their cultural similarities and historical impact, and the term has thus gained widespread popular usage.

Baby Boomers Should Stay At Work To Keep Healthy

According to Daily Mail, eight in ten of women in their 50s and 60s carry too much fat around their waists, the chief medical officer has warned. While 75 percent of men of the same age share the same problem, said Professor Dame Sally Davies, adviser of many organizations on research strategy and evaluation - including the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council.

Having excessive amounts of visceral fat increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. In a report examining the health of baby boomers, Davies made it clear that exercise is vital to reduce the risk of an early death. "These statistics are staggering. If these adults are to reduce their current risk and maintain their health through older age, it is critical that this is addressed."

It is predicted that by 2020, 30% of British workers will be over the age of 50. Director of communication Paul Green said to Belfast Telegraph, "For many people, the abolition of the Default Retirement Age was a blessing. However, for some, the idea of working until they're 70 fills them with dread. Whilst it might have health benefits for some, we also need to be mindful that for some, working longer may not be an option as they simply may not be physically able to continue in their jobs."


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