Facebook's Comment Section To Feature GIFs?

According to the source, last December 7, Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg conducted a live stream on Facebook to talk about the upcoming developments within the social networking site and also demonstrated a new gadget. On the live stream, he was with some of the company's engineers as he presented an upgraded Oculus Touch Controller for the Oculus Rift VR headset. It is confirmed that the new controllers will soon be available in the market. About when will the new Touch controllers be released, there is not information about it.

Facebook Will Have A Number Of New Features For Its Future Updates

After the live demonstration, Mr. Zuckerberg then shifted the focus to talk about what will be the next upcoming features for Facebook. During the discussion, he mentioned that the comment section will soon support GIF. He explained that the company is planning to integrate the two most popular search engines right now, the Giphy and Riffsy. Regarding how this feature will work, when a user types in a comment that he wants to see and friend's photo from a wedding, the new feature will automatically, process that comment and gather photos and videos based on the event and form it into a single album for everyone to see - Android Authority.

Facebook's Other Upcoming Feature

The Facebook's Messenger app will have a new tool that allows the user to request the exact location of a friend. For this to work, both users should first enable it on their contacts. After enabling it, the user can now send a request to their friend and a mapped location will be automatically sent as a reply. In Facebook's defense, this new feature is a safety check kind of feature that will very helpful in times of emergencies. However, there is a catch for people who might find this annoying. The user sending his or her location can set a time limit on automatic responses to location requests.

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