Five Secret Text Codes Used By Teens Every Parents Should Know

If you wanted to know what your kids are up to especially what they're texting about, sometimes reading the message is not actually enough. As some sources reported, teens often use abbreviations for them to be able to hide the meaning of their conversations. We rounded up list of abbreviations teenagers use to hide from their parents,

Teenagers Hides Their Conversations And Use Abbreviations

Nowadays, there are a lot of new ones you might not know about. They use abbreviations for everything they text admitted by some teenager and figures her parents only know some of the slang that teens like to use to type and text faster, such as "LOL as Laugh out loud: - everyone knows that one.

Some parents are starting to learn that certain abbreviations used by teenagers in texts don't mean really quite what you might think. First, the ones that show to be already out there.

Here Are Some Abbreviations Parents Should Be Know About

1. GYPO. This supposedly means Get Your Pants Off. I believe this to be a punchy introduce to a sexting encounter.
2. GNOC. Here the sender is encouraging the receiver to Getting Naked On Camera. Because, surely, this is the way to stardom.
3. CU46. This one's really easy. See You For Sex. It's deeply unromantic, moreover.
4. PIR. These three letters would like the receiver at the other end of the text to be careful because the sender's parents are in the room.
5. POS. The first two letters of this mean many to people's eyes, not stand as for Piece Of... Not anymore. It means, Parent Over Shoulder.

Kids, I'm not impressed, though. This is all a touch accurate and really based on sex and being caught talking about sex.
Technology lets parents make sure every text or even chat messages their child sends and receives gets sent to them too and there are companies - including Bark , a website to secure your kids are safe online- that are set up with algorithms to detect signs of sexting bullying and suicidal thoughts and that would send alerts to parents.

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