Top 5 Strongest Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Moon

By K.C , Dec 10, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Before we get started with this Pokemon Sun and Moon guide, first you need to know that the term "strongest" can be subjective as each Pokémon differs in value from a person's point-of-view especially when running on different compositions. The list will reflect the 7th Gen Pokémon's overall stats and abilities as well as its individual value regardless of team composition. Lastly, we won't be including UBs and Tapus as they're basically severely overpowered in the game.


Salazzle is very popular nowadays due to its Corrosion ability which allows the infliction of poison to Steel and Poison-type Pokémon. And despite its poor HP pool and defensive capabilities, Salazzle makes it up through its high SP.Attack and Speed. If you incorporate Nasty Plot and Sludge Wave, your opponent will surely have a hard time playing around your team.


Much like the Zygarde, Minior changes form once its HP drops below 50% HP. Once Minior changes to its new form, its overall stats are increased significantly particularly boosting its speed and both Attack and Sp.Attack. Added to the fact that this Pokémon can't be inflicted by any Status changes, this Pokémon is one of the best offensive sweeping Pokémon in the 7th Gen by incorporating Shell Smash into its moveset.


Mimikyu isn't appealing at first not because of its wannabe appearance but because of its mediocre stats. But in actuality, Mimikyu's strength relies on its Disguise ability which basically gives you a free turn. Maximize this by incorporating Swords Dance and Shadow Claw in its moveset and see how it can work wonders!


Araquanid is arguably one of the best offensive Water Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Moon. For your information, we've tackled a full guide on its best build and moveset here which thoroughly details how overpowered this Pokémon is especially in an offensive Rain team. Not only does it deals insane amount of damage thanks to its Water bubble and spamming Liquidation, it is also a great counter for Trick Room Abusers. You can even include Trick Room on this Pokémon by not going for any speed IVs.


Toxapex is considered as one of the best 7th Gen Pokémon due to its insane survivability while dealing cheap damage to your enemy. We made a complete guide on how to use Toxapex and it just shows how insanely overpowered this Pokémon can be. You can either run it as a defensive hybrid( Merciless) or go for a full tank (Regenerator) build. Either of the build has its own strengths but the Regenerator build simply dominates most team composition as it can withstand virtually all moves and just recuperate the damage done instantly. If you love to see the world burn then you'd definitely want this Tank in your Pokemon Sun and Moon team.

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