An Inside Look At The Nintendo Switch Dev Kits

By Gen Que , Dec 10, 2016 04:00 AM EST

As the launch date of the Nintendo Switch nears, news and rumors about the console and the games that are included during launch date is getting higher. One of these rumors include the release of the Nintendo Switch dev kits.

A video released by Direct-Feed Games said that the final Nintendo Switch dev kits have already been sent out to selected developers a few weeks ago. Although the video did not go into details, he mentioned one thing that could give a hint what the Switch will look like as well as the features it has during its release.

The video said that according to the information going around, the final Nintendo Switch dev kits have a battery life of 3 hours. Of course, dev kits are not the exact representation of the real thing so it does not really mean the Switch will also have the same battery life. In fact, Nintendo wants the kit to be much more powerful than the dev kit. The company is aiming for a 5 - 8-hour battery life for the Switch.

It can be remembered that earlier this year, there were also supposed leaks of the Nintendo dev kits. According to the leaks, the CPU for the Nintendo Switch is a Four ARM Cortex-A57 cores with a maximum of 2GHz. Its L2 cache is 2MB, has a 64-bit ARMv8, and the crypto extension is enabled.

Its GPU uses an NVIDIA second generation Maxwell architecture, has 256 CUDA cores with a maximum of 1 GHz. It runs ar 1025 fps per cycle, texture is 16 pixels/cycle, and 14.4 pixels/cycle.

Meanwhile, the real Nintendo Switch debuted on Jimmy Fallon's show where the host got a kick playing Legend of Zelda on it. That was the first time, Nintendo Switch had a live showcase and on a TV show.

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