Where To Buy The DJI Mavic Pro: Prices, Bundles, Shipment Dates

By JR O. , Dec 10, 2016 04:17 AM EST

The DJI Mavic Pro may have been criticized for its failure to ship on time but this doesn't stop the drone from being one of the most popular options this season. DJI has already explained itself and now all seems well. Nevertheless, this still doesn't change the fact that the Mavic Pro will take long to ship if you're buying it now. if you're looking to purchase this drone, you shouldn't be in a hurry to get it.

Here are some of your retailer options:

DJI Online Store

You can snag the DJI Mavic Pro from the company's main website for the price of $999. The company offers free shipping for the drone. However, it also claims not being able to ship until six to eight weeks from order confirmation. You can either pre-order or click on the "in stock reminder" button from the company's website. The company also sells the Mavic Pro for $1299 from a $1381 regular price. This bundle includes the charging hub, folding propellers, car charger, two extra batteries, shoulder bag and a battery-to-bank power adaptor.

Mavic Pro From Apple's Site

You can also buy your Mavic Pro from Apple via their website. The iPhone maker lists the drone for $999.95 and with a shipment schedule of 8-10 weeks. Checking on pickup availability from Apple's site mostly leads to the same date which is February.

Mavic Pro From Amazon

The giant retailer also lists the Mavic Pro for $999 with a note that the item will be released January 15 2017. This shipment schedule isn't that bad actually considering that it's practically just about a month away. Amazon also sells the Mavic Pro for $1299 bundled with a shoulder bag, props, two extra batteries and a car charger.

Mavic Pro From Best Buy

Best Buy lists the Mavic Pro with a $999.99 price tag. However, as of now, it is still marked as "coming soon" and "not yet available". There is also a "notify me when available" button.

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