WWE 2K17 Update: New DLC Pack To Be Available Soon, To Bring New Moves For Characters

By Shayne Nicole Caravana , Dec 10, 2016 12:00 PM EST

Before, there are rumors about the next update for WWE 2K17 and its features. Players are really excited because the content of the rumored update was leaked. The players can possibly see the upcoming features in the game already.

What Are The New Features Of The Upcoming DLC Pack Of WWE 2K17?

It has been a while since the last update of WWE 2K17 was released by 2K. Players are really happy with what the patch 1.04 has brought to the game. They have noticed that the patch has already the support for the leaked DLC called New Moves.

The new moves that are soon to be part of WWE 2K17 are already seen in the MyCareer mode of the game. However, these moves are not yet playable in the game and players can only see the previews. They need to wait for the release of the newest additions to the game before they can incorporate them in their matches.

The players can purchase the DLC for $3.99 or if they have the season pass, the pack will be automatically installed once 2K has released it. This pack will surely bring more reasons to play for those who have been playing WWE 2K17 since it was released.

What Are The Moves In The DLC Pack of WWE 2K17?

According to PowerUp Gaming, some of the new moves to be included in WWE 2K17 are individual moves for the wrestlers. The players can choose from Ankle Lock 2 and 3, Diving El-Bro Drop, Fireball Punch and Two Amigos.

There are moves for Tag Teams, too. Brainbuster or Roundhouse Kick, Fist Drop or Shooting Star Combo, Superkick or Knee Smash Combo are included in that category. The famous move by Will Ospreay called Springboard Cutter will also be added.

2K is making sure that the fans of WWE 2K17 will be interested in the game because there are always new games available every week. Hopefully, this upcoming DLC pack will upgrade the gaming experience of the fans of the game.

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