Galaxy Seen In A State Of Transformation: Details

By Rodney Rafols , Dec 11, 2016 11:52 PM EST

The universe is a dynamic place. There are stars that are born and are dying all the time. Galaxies also change due to a number of effects on them. Recently, a galaxy was seen in a state of transformation. The details are being studied by astronomers.

Galaxies are subject to the same laws of physics as the rest of the universe is. This is true of the galaxy NGC 4388. The galaxy is located the Virgo constellation. The area is rich with galaxies since there is cluster of galaxies there called the Virgo Cluster. This is made up of around 1,300 galaxies.

Galaxy NGC 4388 is part of the Galaxy Cluster. It is undergoing transformation because of this. The galaxies in the cluster are relatively near to each other, and so they are affecting one another. Galaxy NGC 4388 is being affected by the gravitational pull of other galaxies.

Galaxy NGC 4388 has the outside features of an elliptical galaxy, according to Science Daily. Its outskirts are smooth and featureless, which is typical for an elliptical galaxy. However it has two symmetric spiral arms coming from its core, which is more in line with a spiral galaxy. Because of its designation, NGC 4388 is classified as a spiral galaxy despite having characteristics of two types of galaxies.

The confusion being experienced by NGC 4388 can be attributed to the gravitational effects the other galaxies have on it. The galaxy is being changed by other galaxies surrounding it. Galaxies can be altered in many ways, especially in such clusters like the Virgo Cluster. Galaxies might collide, or else merge. Some galaxies take elements from other galaxies, as Phys Org reports.

Galaxy NGC 4388 seems to be one of the more luckier ones, as it still has survived such close encounters with other galaxies, though it features are being altered. Astronomers are studying it in order to see if it might be transformed even further. What is clear is that the galaxy is seen in a state of transformation. Its details are being studied by astronomers. Earlier a giant galaxy has been found forming from molecular gas.

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