Apple iPhone News: iPhone Tricks You Didn't Know It Can Do

By Edge Ison , Dec 12, 2016 02:09 AM EST

The iPhone has some hidden talents and users can uncover these gems if they just knew how. Daily Times and Mashable has gathered a list of some of the iPhones capabilities that many users are unaware of or know very little about.

Reply to texts quickly

Can't stop and respond to a text? Simply reply quickly with a pre-loaded response. Tap and hold the new message and wait for the options to appear. You can reply with a thumbs up or a thumbs down, a heart, a 'Ha Ha', an exclamation mark, or a question mark. Tap the appropriate reply and the user has replied without stopping for even a moment.

Reply to texts from locked screen

Users can respond to text messages even without unlocking the screen. Simply pull the notification drawer down, locate the text notification and then swipe it to the left. After swiping, a "Reply" option will appear. Tapping on this option will now allow the user to text back. This is a lot easier than having to unlock the phone first.

Reply to texts from an app

Even if the user is currently using an app, he or she can respond to text messages. Just like in the previous 'trick', simply swipe down from the top to draw the notification down before swiping the text notification to the left.

See when a text was sent

The time a message is sent is not displayed when the user is exchanging texts on the same day. iPhone users can go back and check the exact time the messages were sent by going into the conversation and swiping the screen to the left.

Brush off callers nicely

When someone is calling and the user cannot answer, he or she can send a message to tell the caller why they cannot answer. This is a better option than just ignoring the call completely.

Change the three pre-loaded messages by clicking on Settings first. Tap the Respond with Text button and change the message into a short message that the user seems a more appropriate way of brushing off a call.

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