'Limitless' Season 2 News Update: Creators Face Cancellation Issues, Is The Show Renewing?

By stphntapulao , Dec 12, 2016 05:48 PM EST

There has been a debate in the online community regarding the 2nd season of 'Limitless'. These past few days, people from all over the world speculated that there would be a renewal happening in the series. But it seems like the Showrunner Craig Sweeny has a different take on this rumor.

'Limitless' Season 2 Faces Renewal Issues, Craig Sweeny Reacts

According to Movie News Guide, it has been a long time since the CBS revealed that there would be no possibility for renewal of the show. The series being cancelled is already the final decision of the authorities, despite of the show's wide scope of influence from supporters in different parts of the world.

Sources told that both its film and television premiere were given positive reviews and feedbacks. To prove it, viewers made a noise on the online world after CBS' announcement. They made campaigns and petitions for the creators to continue producing the hit series. Recent reports admitted that on its first wave of campaigns it gained almost 3,000 signatures from different people who wanted to see 'Limitless' Season 2.

Besides that, fans also thought of contacting other networks. They admitted that if CBS wouldn't want the show to be renewed; producing the series in other channel, like Netflix, could be a great possibility.

Craig Sweeny Admits That Cancellation News Are True, No Possibility For Renewal Of The Show

On the other hand, showrunner Craig Sweeny already gave his sentiments regarding the issues that 'Limitless' is facing. To finally give a period to all rising reports, he answered all the fans' questions regarding the second season of the show.

In his previous tweets, he admitted:

'Thanks for watching! We are canceled, no hope for return that I'm aware of.' - @CraigSweeny

'Thanks for watching, Heidi. The bad news: we are, and remain, canceled. There are no talks to continue #Limitless.' - @CraigSweeny

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