EVE Online News, Updates: Online Players Destroy A Death Star-Like Planet

EVE Online has one of the most massive numbers of online players. This also includes great communities together with friendly players. Recently, one of the greatest quests in gaming history has been made, as almost five thousand online players made the biggest attack in EVE Online history. This was the attack on the Death Star-like planet in the game. Servers almost went down because of the activity, but it did not stop the players from successfully destroying the satellite reminiscent of "Star Wars."

How Did The Massive Number Of Online Players Destroy Death Star-Like Planet In EVE Online?

EVE Online is known for the amazing space battles that it has. Recently, a Death Star-like planet was destroyed by a huge number of online players. The attack was almost a surprise for everyone. The attacker, which is The Northern Coalition, took the opportunity while the defenders are being sabotaged inside. The attack took almost seven hours without breaks as The Coalition never stopped the waves of their attacks. After The Northern Coalition won, they were rewarded with an amazing space station that can destroy an entire fleet alone. The scenery of the war was amazing, which can be seen from the video down below. It just shows how great the game's visualization is.

What Is The Death Star-Like Planet That Got Destroyed In EVE Online?

The Death Star-like planet in the game is called The Keepstar Citadel, which costs almost $5,000 real life cash. It clearly states how serious players are in this game. Also, Keepstar cost trillions of in-game currency, making it one of the most expensive things in the game. The attacks also caused the server to almost shut down. The developers in the game have never seen such activities like this before.

EVE Online is available to play on PC.

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