Is 2017 The Biggest Year For Apple? Reasons Why Apple Will Soar Up High In 2017

Are you saying that the best year of Apple company is 2016? Maybe not after you reading this article. Many Apple fans are expecting for a blast from the company next year. To name a few are the iPhone 8, new iPads, new wireless AirPods and everything else you should expect from 2017 could be possible.

Is 2017 The Biggest Year For Apple?

According to CNET, 2016 and the past few year, it was a largely time for Apple's refinements, not entirely new markets. But next year could be a completely different story. If all the rumors about the company's product lineups are consistently true, 2017 could be Apple's biggest year ever. Think radically redesigned iPhones, revamped iPads, and new more product categories. And 2017 could be a big year for software and services, too.

CNBC reported that Apple shares can rally in 2017 for five reasons which reiterated its buy rating on the company. Apple shares are underperforming the market in 2016 up 7.6 percent, compared to a 10.4 percent gain for the S&P 500. Suva reiterated his Apple price target of $130, representing 15 percent upside from Monday's close.

Analyst Jim Suva gave the following list in a note to clients Tuesday:

  1. "iPhone 8 Super Upgrade Cycle driven by newer form factors driving a stronger upgrade relative to the prior 2 cycles"
  2. "Tax reform benefit from reduction in corporate taxes and cash repatriation"
  3. "Sticky user base which drives continued services revenue growth"
  4. "Enterprise push mid term, Applewood longer term"
  5. "Attractive valuation – Shares trade at a slight discount to their 4-year median multiples despite improving fundamentals ahead"

Apple Predictions For 2017

The year 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of Apple's iPhone, so many are expecting from the company to pull out all the stops and release something quite special. According to MacWorld, here are the predictions we can come up from Apple on 2017.

  1. iPhone SE 2
  2. iPhone 7S or iPhone 8
  3. iPad Air 3
  4. iPad Mini 5
  5. iPad Pro 2
  6. Apple TV
  7. Apple Mac Pro
  8. Apple 12-inch MacBook Air
  9. Apple MacBook Pro Update
  10. Mac Mini
  11. iMacs
  12. iOS Updates
  13. WatchOS 4
  14. MacOS Updates
  15. tvOS Updates

Whoo! Many things to be seen on 2017, indeed a great year for Apple. But do not expect, Apple remains silent until now. Sure to inform you once there are update you need to know.


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