‘The Simpsons’ Spoilers, News And Updates: After Predicting Donald Trump’s Presidency, What Other 2017 Predictions Does The Show Have?

By Joseph S. , Dec 14, 2016 04:10 AM EST

It's now known to nearly everybody that "The Simpsons" had correctly predicted significant events in the recent past. Donald Trump's ascendancy to the U.S. presidency is just one of them. The show has an episode 15 years ago suggesting the Donald Trump became the President of te United States.

Many Are Now Watching What The Show Will Predict

Because of this, "The Simpsons" has gotten the attention of almost everybody in the world. Many are now wondering if the show has featured some sort of predictions for the future. Will Bart and company again make some predictions that will eventually be fulfilled in the future? Some of its coming episodes may just do that but nothing is really sure at this time.

What fans can do is to do some sleuthing in what the show has featured recently. Last month, "The Simpsons" aired strange opening credits where it was shown that the Simpson family is already dead. But before that, the show writers have admitted that they were not happy they have predicted Trump's presidency.

This sparked the rumors that whoever will be against President Trump will suffer death. It is but a theory, but nevertheless, a scary one. Thankfully, this won't ever happen since there is no way to confirm this theory. But the question remains unanswered as to the reason for these unusual opening credits of "The Simpsons."

This Is The Actual 'Prediction'

The particular episode of "The Simpsons" was aired on March 19, 2000. Its title was "Bart to the Future" and it showed Lisa Simpson as the U.S. President addressing her staff. She said; "As you know, we've inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump." That means her previous president was the Donald Trump.

"The Simpsons" writer Dan Greaney said, "I am tickled we are getting all this attention, but I don't think it's going to trigger this well-awaited re-evaluation of my episode that I was hoping for!" Well, recent events showed that the fans are eagerly watching what predictions they had in store in the coming episodes of the show.

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