Google Drive Shortcut Makes 'iOS To Android' Switch More Convenient

By James Yu , Dec 14, 2016 09:08 AM EST

Many people have been switching from iOS to Android lately for various reasons. However, moving everything from one phone to another has always been a challenge. Because of this, Google came up with a shortcut that makes switching from iOS to Android much easier.

The Google Shortcut

In a report from The Verge, it was stated that buyers switching from iPhone to Android is now easier thanks to the shortcut made by Google. In addition, the update in the Google Drive app for iOS allows the instantaneous creation of backup for the user's contact lists, calendar contents and camera roll. These data will be automatically stored in the cloud for the users to retrieve upon purchasing a new android phone.

Where To Find The Shortcut

For those that know their way around the Google Drive, they may have already stumbled upon the shortcut. However, there are those that barely make use of it. Good thing the shortcut is not hard to find. Users will only have to navigate through the settings, find the "backup" menu and follow the rest of the instructions that Google will provide.

Not Everything Can Be Instantly Transferred

It appears that only the minor things can be transferred in an instantaneous manner. According to Engadget, the whole process of transferring could take several hours depending on how bulk of stuff the user has to move. In addition, a reliable internet connection is needed and the user will have to make sure to keep the drive app active during the whole process.

The Limitation

Just like most things, the Google Drive migration shortcut also has its own limitations. Reports state that texts and music library will not be backed up by Google Drive. This will be something that users will have to do manually. Users can also make use of plug-in cords to connect their iPhone to their Android phones and transfer the music files and text from there.

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