Ice Bucket Challenge: All For ALS Awareness, NCAA Honors The Man Who Started It All

Recently last Tuesday, the NCAA has been found to have handedly delivered the award from the Ice Bucket Challenge that has raised millions of dollars for ALS research to the Massachusetts man that has allegedly become the inspiration of the said awareness campaign. Pete Frates, a former Boston College baseball captain who touched off the viral-video craze, was given the NCAA's 2017 Inspiration Award at a ceremony that was held in the living room of his house.

Ice Bucket Challenge: All for ALS 

In one of his statements reported by The Chicago Tribune, NCAA President Mark Emmert told Mr. Frates that what he has done has become an inspiration to so many people that they have been so supportive to this this cause is in fact, monumental. The NCAA president claimed that they couldn't be more proud to personally come into Mr. Frates house and present you and your family with this award.

It was found that the officials with the collegiate sports organization were the ones who reportedly arranged the personal delivery after finding out that Mr. Frates. The decision was made after learning that the former baseball captain would not be unable to accept the award at the NCAA's January awards celebration in Nashville, Tennessee, due to the fact that his neurodegenerative disease was already rapidly progressing.

Furthermore, according to WCVB Live Newscasts, it was found that Mr. Frates had been diagnosed with the disease in 2012. It's also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The ice bucket challenge has allegedly been able to raise more than $220 million when it took off worldwide on social media in 2014. Ultimately, his mother, Nancy Frates has revealed that although he was able to inspire a lot of people all over the world, in his heart of hearts, inspiring student college athletes to be the best they can be is who he is in his soul.

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