The Next DxO One Update Is About To Make Facebook Live Streaming 'Livelier'

By Kriselle , Dec 14, 2016 04:59 PM EST

This coming year 2017, another wave is about to make live streaming in social media more fun and engaging. The iPhone-connected camera, DxO One will be launching an update that will start rolling out early January.

The Upcoming Update DxO One Supports Live Streaming On Facebook

With so many add-on devices specific to iOS in the market, DxO One is said to offer some of the best features. It just keeps getting better without the users having to upgrade physical the hardware itself. According to Cnet, this upcoming application update is going to produce more sophisticated Facebook Live video. Although it will not be supporting the new 360-Degree Live feature of the social network, this software update version 2.5 promises a better and more interactive viewing experience.

A Multi-Camera Feature To Record High-Quality Videos

Now, iPhone users can shoot or share videos like a professional director or famous blogger with the DxO One's added functionality. The device has a 1-inch imaging sensor that is much bigger than the Apple's flagship phone. According to its official website, the camera has a maximum aperture of f/1.8 with 20.2 megapixels perfect for broadcasting outstanding videos live. Moreover, users can also take advantage of the multi-camera switching capabilities or record using three available cameras at once: the iPhone's front and back and that of the One's.

DxO One's Wi-Fi Capabilities And Built-In Microphone

Earlier this year, DxO One unlocked its Wi-Fi capabilities so that people can place the device in a remote location. This function also allows them to monitor streams or feeds on the iPhone or even switch from one lens to another with just a few taps. In addition, users can also choose which microphone to use during the broadcast.

More About The Newest Upgrades of DxO One

This external camera add-on for iOS device is no longer just a plug-in accessory. It has grown to a pretty compact live-streaming solution. Its remarkable design, image quality, and integrated internet capability will entice iPhone users to share every their unforgettable and random events right at the moment to the world.

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