Aspirin Slows Tumor Growth In Pancreas And Colon

By Rodney Rafols , Dec 15, 2016 02:25 AM EST

Aspirin has so many benefits. It has been shown that aspirin has many benefits for the heart. Now there might be more benefits of aspirin, as aspirin slows tumor growth in the pancreas and colon.

Aspirin has been known to lower blood platelets. Platelets help in clotting blood. That is why aspirin is given to those who have heart conditions and hypertension. Platelets could also encourage the growth of some cancer tumors. By giving low doses of aspirin, a study has shown that it can slow down colon and pancreatic cancer.

Researchers from the Oregon Health and Science University are looking into aspirin as a means of controlling colon and pancreatic cancer. So far though the research isn't clear yet how aspirin actually works to slow down tumor growth in those types of cancer. For the study, the team has applied aspirin to metastatic colon cancer cells, nonmetastatic colon cancer cells and nonmetastatic pancreatic cancer cells.

The study has found that when aspirin is applied, the tumors no longer grow. This is true for the nonmetastatic colon and pancreatic cancer cells. Metastatic colon cancer cells continued to grow, though, even if aspirin has been applied, according to Science Daily.

Aspirin has stopped platelets from giving growth factors in pancreatic cancer, as News Wise reports. Oncoproteins have also been stopped from sending signals which can make cancer cells survive and spread. For the metastatic colon cancer cells, only high doses have worked in stopping it.

With the study's findings, aspirin could be used in treating colon and pancreatic cancer. It has been shown that aspirin is very effective in nonmetastatic cancer cells. Even in metastatic cancer aspirin can be effective if given in high doses.

Aspirin has been shown to have many benefits. It has already been effective for patients who have heart disease or have hypertension. Now it has been shown that it is effective against cancer as well. Aspirin slows tumor growth in the pancreas and colon. Another study has shown that cancer survival is more likely if friends are around.

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