3 Redeeming Features Niantic Should Consider After Disappointing Pokémon GO Update

For six months now, Pokémon GO has been a well-loved game that brought trainers into the streets and out in the wild. Trainers across the globe have been expecting so much from Niantic to put some twists and bring new features to spice up their experience. The much-awaited update did deliver something but what comes along with it has been deemed by many fans a total dismay.

Niantic brought a new set of baby Pokémon from Pokémon GO Gen 2 along with the latest update. Pichu, Igglybuff, Togepi, Magby and a lot more baby Pokémon are too charming to resist. However, getting them by hatching eggs is a total frustration for players. Here's are three redeeming features Niantic should consider to implement after the disappointing Pokémon GO update.

Pokémon GO - Addition Of Legendary Pokémon

Adding some legendary Pokémon could be the biggest redeeming feature. Six months of walking down the streets, tracing off-the-beaten paths and capturing Pokémon, it is expected that a huge chunk of the game's demographic could have achieved so much, particularly in collecting creatures in their Pokédex. Many of them must have obtained almost all Pokémon available. Bringing in some legendary Pokémon should take the game to a whole new level.

Pokémon GO - Pooled Trainers In Open Battles

Before Pokémon GO was rolled out on iOS and Android, Niantic envisioned to pool trainers in one place. It did pan out and immediately became at the core of the game. In pooling these gamers into one place, what the developer missed is the interaction between these players be it physical or virtual. What better to fill in the gap than to engage these trainers in open battles. This way, Pokémon GO goes beyond just assembling people in gyms or Pokéstops by giving players a platform to interact with each other. Who wouldn't want that kind of glee shown in the first Pokémon GO trailer where trainers are gathered in Time Square to watch Meotwo battle it out?

Pokémon GO - Baby Pokémon In The Wild

Letting the new baby Pokémon from Gen 2 go out in the wild is the stark feature to counter what had been a huge disappointment. Baby Pokémon to be hatched in eggs isn't bad at all, but to have them entirely that way is something that players cannot pass off. Putting these new baby Pokémon in the wild could rekindle the excitement of those who have waning interest or have stopped playing the game.

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