Battling Ovarian Cancer: Fitness Blogger Shares Her Story Of How She Combats The Deadly Disease Through Social Media

Through good or bad shape, a fitness blogger is expected to document these experiences. However, because of cancer, it has recently changed a fitness blogger's Instagram page from workout videos and mirror selfies into honest photos of her personal ovarian cancer battle. Popular fitness blogger Cheyann Shaw is using her Instagram account to share the truth about ovarian cancer and express her sentiments regarding the disease.

Ovarian Cancer: How It's Like To Have One

In one of her statements revealed by Medical Daily, Cheyann Shaw explained that as human as she is, she is also scared and cries because of it. In one of her social media posts, she said that so many people have told her how strong and positive she is and that she remains as an inspiration for others, but she has also her moments of weakness. Before Shaw was diagnosed with cancer, she allegedly weighed 130 pounds with 15 percent body fat, but now cancer has slimmed her down to 105 pounds on her small 5'5" frame.

On the other hand, it was found that Shaw has actually shared more upbeat thoughts. When she started a new round of chemotherapy, she explains that it's going to be a long day for her. Furthermore, according to Chron, the fitness blogger was originally diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but during surgery, doctors discovered the cancer had spread to her spleen, lymph nodes and a portion of her colon which has then categorized her into Stage 4. The former fitness model realizes she still has a long road ahead of her, yet she remains admirably optimistic and determined.

Meanwhile, Shaw admittedly said in one of her posts that this is by far the toughest battle that she has to face, but she is confident that she would be able to surpass it. She reveals that at first, she was having a hard time looking at herself in the mirror. But now, she claims that she's learning to love her own self again because she believes that this is only temporary. Shaw says that once she gets the clear light to workout, she positively ended her post by saying that she will be in the gym banging those weights.

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