U.S iPhone Users Can Now Download Apple's Standalone iOS Support Application

The iOS Support Application was first launched in Netherlands and Italy. And starting December 14, 2016, U.S can now have a good look at the Apple's standalone software. Rolling out to more countries that have Apple Stores in the coming weeks, people can expect to experience faster and more reliable service with just a few taps of the finger.

The Standalone iOS Support Application Helps Users Schedule Software Or Hardware Repair Appointments

When encountering technical problems such as data loss or battery drain, it is always the best to seek help from the expert. And with this support application, iPhone users can easily talk and discuss their problems with the Apple's technical representative. According to Cnet, the app schedules appointments at an Apple Store or even authorized third-parties who can assist with a more serious problem.

Features Of The Support Application Aid To High-Quality Customer Service Experience

While the Apple App Store was designed to make buying products easier, the Support App promises to handle customer service better. Aside from scheduling appointments, people can also use the app to call, chat, or even send an email to a support technician. The Apple Insider said in an article that this app also guides users through a step-by-step solution to solving a variety of problems on their own.

The Support Application Was Made Available And User-Friendly To All Apple Devices

Whether it is their iPhone 7 failing to charge or their iPad Air not functioning well, Apple users can take advantage of this support application. After downloading and logging into their iCloud account, the software provides all the devices registered with their Apple ID. There is a product panel with options to view hardware details as well as documents with a range of topics specific to a variety of devices. In addition, people can also view their support history to keep track of things should similar issues occur again. This way they would be able to have their queries answered quickly and conveniently.

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