Super Mario Run Guide: Best Characters For Each Level

By Gen Que , Dec 16, 2016 04:40 AM EST

Super Mario is already out on the iOS platform and if you want to get your hands on it, you can have it on the Apple Store for $9.99. If you have begun playing it, here are some tips which character to use to clear each level effectively.

The first level requires speed and the best character to use for this level is Toad. Since this level does not really require a lot of jumping, Toad is the perfect choice. Even if you encounter doubled up blocks, you don't have to worry if Toad is not nimble enough to jump over them. Instead, you can use Toad's big, fat head to pulverize these blocks while he continues running. However, you might find it a bit challenging when you have to reach the goodies at the final flag at the end part of the game as Toad's legs are short and stubby. Despite this, Toad will not disappoint you.

The next level will take you underground and this will take a lot of wall kicking and wall sliding. So who else will you use in here other than our friendly neighborhood plumber Mario himself. Navigate the underground terrain to carefully kick back and forth against the walls. Mario's height is just enough to go through the path even if he jumps. Sure you can use other characters but not well-suited. Luigi can jump too high and Toad simply moves too fast to navigate this cave.

The other level called Paratroopas in Mushroom Valley is filled with elevated peaks. Sometimes, you have to soar high up in the sky. If you want to have more flexibility and extra height when you jump, take either Yoshi or Luigi. Yoshi's speed might be a bit slower but the times he "walks" on air will be a big help. Luigi, on the other hand, is very helpful in making those extra high jumps. But be careful as his feet are a bit slippery.

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