‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 73, 74 Spoilers, News And Updates: Gohan Returns, Hit Saga Just A Filler Episode; Universal Survival Arc Coming

By Joseph S. , Dec 16, 2016 04:59 AM EST

Gohan will be featured once more in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 73 and 74. Fans of the anime series have called him the "Mystic Warrior" because of his ability to transform into a Super Saiyan. But it is uncertain if he will be portrayed in the upcoming episodes in that form again.

Gohan Will Definitely Be Back

But one thing is confirmed: Gohan will appear again in the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" episode 73 and 74. He will reappear as a warrior and will reclaim his position as one of the main characters in the next saga. There are also some leaked reports made by the Japanese media about the titles of the upcoming episodes.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 73 will have the title "Gohan Becomes A Movie Star?" The article of the next installment, episode 74, is "For The Sake Of What He/She Loves!" Considering the overall theme of these two titles, it seems that the episodes involving Hit, the assassin, will be over. Some say that the saga of Hit will only take only 2 episodes.

Hit Saga Is Just A Filler

That means the story plot of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 73 and 74 will center on Gohan. In other words, it seems that Hit's saga was just a filler for the succeeding episodes. Another report said that a new arc will begin. This arc will be called the "Universal Survival Arc." It is slated to launch on Feb. 5, 2017. Will this be where the Multiverse Tournament will be conducted?

The news source of this report is Herms98, one of the most reliable sources of news and updates for "Dragon Ball Super." There is no official confirmation yet, but this source said that the translation is 'universe.' He added that with regards to this subject, the creators of the anime usually include twelve of the particular subject. That means 12 universes, or in other words, a multiverse. Therefore, this could mean a Multiverse Tournament.

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