The New Apple TV App Is Not As User-Freindly As You Thought It Should Be

This week, the Apple TV received a major update, unveiling the newest Apple TV App. However, recent reviews showed mixed reactions with the company's attempt to uncomplicate the complex way of watching tv today. User-friendliness of the application now questions the future of Apple TV.

Key Features of the Apple TV Application

Apple first introduced the app in October 2016, providing a list of information of what it is supposed to be. According to the press release, the TV app helps people to access shows and movies all in one place. Aside from this, the Siri feature also lets them tune in directly to live new and sporting events without having to navigate through a variety of apps. As for the look, the software's interface includes four tabs. It has the Library section for personal or owned videos; Watch Now for, connecting to other video apps; Store, for renting or buying movies; and Search, for finding videos from different sources.

Siri Remote's Functionality And Connection Process

The default behavior of Siri is now different and seemed to be a bit confusing. The home button now takes users straight to the TV App instead of the old home screen. To see all the contents or apps on the main screen, they should install the supported app first, log in, then return to the TV App to approve the connection. What makes this process tiring is that they should repeat all the steps with each app.

Some Popular Streaming Video Apps Are Nowhere To Be Seen In The Latest TV App Update

Although promising, the TV App lacks something that many viewers would want to find first. According to Tech Hive, it does not support enough video sources yet. And that includes two major players which are Netflix and Amazon Video. Perhaps, modern TV watcher should have to wait for more updates in the future. For now, CIO said that people can watch from Hulu, HBO Now, Starz, and Showtime.

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