Morning People Do Not Perform Well At Night

People have different body clocks. Some work well in the morning, while others can do it at night. Morning people though would have a hard time at later parts of the day. The study shows that morning people do not perform well at night.

Morning people are more used to the day than at night. A study by researchers from the Higher School of Economics and Oxford University shows that morning people are more prone errors when working at night. This has much to do with sleep deprivation, as morning people have been used to being up during the day than they would be at night.

Nicola Barclay and Andriy Myachykov are studying the effects of sleep deprivation on people. An increase in time being awake can affect people in different ways. Attention and productivity can be affected as people are deprived of sleep or work at times different from what they're used to.

26 people have been involved in the study. The group is made up of 13 males and 13 females with an average age of 25 years. For the study, the participants have to stay awake for 18 hours from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. After that they will have to complete an Attention Network Test (ANT) and Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire.

Differences between morning and night persons weren't that much when the tests were done during the day. However, the results were far different when they were done at night, according to the National Research University Higher School of Economic's site. The tests were completed much faster by the morning people than the night people, though accuracy has been much lower for them as well.

The explanation for the result is that night people took more time answering the tests since they were more used to that time at night, as Science Daily reports. This makes them more effective in working at night than those who are used to working in the day. Evening people might be slower, but then they are also more detailed when working at night than day people are. The second ANT was made at 2 a.m.

Work habits and time would be much better if people are placed into the time they're much used to. People have different body clocks where they will function best. The study has shown that morning people do not perform well at night. A study has also shown that people tend to look at a person's character more than his actions.


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