Is Facebook Copying Snapchat? New Feature On Facebook Messenger Is Not The First Time

By Monica U Santos , Dec 17, 2016 02:03 AM EST

With the new feature of its messenger, is Facebook really trying to copy Snapchat? What are the other features that Facebook is presenting that was actually copied in Snapchat?

New Feature Of Facebook Messenger

The new tool of facebook is called Messenger Camera. It allows users to exchange photos with text, doodles, stickers, illustrated frames and animated effects. The feature is beginning to roll out to Messenger's iOS and Android apps now and will be available globally, Mashable says.

Facebook Messenger Camera is meant "to make it faster, simpler, and more fun to send photos and videos," according to Facebook's description. One key difference between Snapchat and other camera features Facebook has piloted, though photos exchanged via Messenger Camera do not disappear after they are sent.

But still, there are more than a few similarities. Aside from the standard text with different font colors, doodles, stickers, geo-filters and emoji you can add to your photos, Messenger Camera also includes the animated face masks or lenses. "Facebook Messenger built a new in-app camera for Snapchat-style selfies," reports Recode.

Is Facebook Copying Snapchat?

According to The Guardian, Facebook has, for the 15th time, tried to take on. It was mentioned that previously on Facebook updates the following: two clones of Snapchat Stories, two attempted acquisitions, four standalone apps, two ephemeral messaging implementations, and four new cameras with AR lenses.

Admins of Facebook Pages and users of verified profiles are banned from using their personalized Snapchat QR code, or Snapcode, as their accounts' profile pictures. As The Next Web's Matt Navarra noted on Twitter Thursday, Facebook will notify users if they choose to set their profile pictures as Snapcodes.

The Verge also said that Facebook is copying Snapchat and even made a timeline to a quick history of Facebook taking on Snapchat, from its early attempts to take it down to its more recent acceptance that it might have some good ideas worth copying. "Facebook has been trying to take down or take on Snapchat ever since the service started taking off, and time after time it's failed to do so."


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