Overwatch Players Are Sending Christmas Loot Boxes To Blizzard; Find Out Why

By Nick Halden , Dec 17, 2016 04:20 AM EST

A number of Overwatch players are sending a delicious Christmas loot boxes to Blizzard's staff. Find out the reason behind this generous gesture.

Winter Wonderland Complaint

 A lot of Overwatch players were not happy about the loot prices in the current Winter Wonderland holiday event. Many believed that certain Christmas items such as the Mei holiday skin are way too overpriced. Surprisingly, game director Jeff Kaplan replied by saying that they are aware of the issues and working on a solution.

Blizzard Cookie Project

Such response is not common among game developers these days. Which is why many Overwatch players want to show their appreciation. This is why "Blizzard Cookie Project" was set up. It's a crowdfunding scheme that aims to raise enough funds to buy each Blizzard staff a cookie. Blizzard currently employs 100 staff for Overwatch while each cookie costs roughly $2.50. The organizers are hoping to raise $625 based on their computation of 2.5 cookies per person.

Current Status of Cookie Project

As of press time, the fund has managed to reach almost $2500 or almost ten cookies per person. Overwatch staff members can expect the cookies to come any time now. The sheer response of the game's players just shows how they deeply trust Blizzard. This kind of gift giving initiative from players to game developer is quite rare and almost unheard of.

Removing Trolls and Cheaters From Overwatch

Meanwhile, Blizzard has been weeding out the cheaters and trolls from the game. Naturally, the players affected are not feeling any love for the game developer right now. Recently, a number of cheaters are mulling the idea of suing Blizzard for banning their Overwatch account. It seems cheaters are using unauthorized programs to gain advantage over their opponents. Still majority of the game's players appreciate the developer's effort to make Overwatch fair and enjoyable to all.

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