Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories Revealed: Flip Cover, Game Pad, And More

By Pierre Dumont , Mar 15, 2013 03:13 PM EDT

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 released only Thursday, it's understandable if you're pretty excited about getting your hands on the device. But don't forget about the accessories either: Samsung has unveiled a slew of accessories for the S4 and a lot of them look pretty cool.

It's unclear when these accessories will become available, but we wouldn't be surprised if they came alongside the release of the Galaxy S4 itself in April. Here's a rundown:

S View Cover: This soft cover comes with a small window allowing users to see calls and check notifications while still allowing the device to remain covered.

Flip Cover: Multicolor selection of covers designed just for the S4.

Protective Cover+: Sturdier cover for those concerned about dropping the device; also comes in several colors.

Pouch: Classic pouch for those who'd prefer not to use a case.

Wireless Charging Pad/ Cover: Pad for wireless charging.

Extra Battery Kit: For when you don't have your charger handy.

Game Pad: This gaming controller, which looks sort of like the Xbox 360 controller, is enabled for remote use but can also be connected to the S4 for a portable gaming experience.

Headset: The S4 headset actually has two speakers in each headphone. It has a slim cable and "balanced sound with full-frequency range."

S Band: The waterproof S Band goes around the wrist and, according to Samsung's website, is geared toward tracking daily activities. This includes recording steps, distance and calories burned. The accessory should definitely appeal to those with active exercise routines.

HRM: Heart rate monitor that tracks your heart rate and works with the Running Mate app.

Body Scale:  A scale that sends your weight data to the S4 via Bluetooth.

Stay tuned for more information about the S4 and when these new accessories might become available.

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