'House Of Cards' Season 5 Cancelation Update: Beau Willimon Abandons Show; Donald Trump Reason Behind Cancelation Talks?

"House of Cards" season 5 is an installment that is much anticipated by Netflix subscribers as it features an interesting plot revolving around the U.S. political environment. However, there are rumors swirling around claiming that the series is already canceled as Beau Willimon is reportedly fleeing the show to join an opposition group against President Donald Trump.

The Truth Behind Beau Willimon's Exit

The victory of Trump in the 2016 presidential race is continuously creating madness among the U.S. citizens. Hollywood personalities are not exemptions to this with some even leading opposition groups against the current president. Among the prominent personalities rumored to despise the current administration is "House of Cards" former creator, Willimon.

In November, it can be recalled that Willimon tweeted about his stand against the president saying that the citizens should prevent Trump from destroying the nation. This has caused a lot of fans to worry about the future of his political drama as numerous cancelation rumors then started to surface. Cast updates, however, have debunked the speculations and yet again new talks are saying that Willimon will already leave the show.

Willimon stepped down as creator and showrunner of the "House of Cards" series in January along with the announcement of Netflix about the show's renewal for its fifth season. The creator reportedly will focus on writing an original series which is why he has to give up his post as a showrunner. Willimon had been in the shadow of the fourth season though until it ended in March. Recent reports then about his exit are quite distorted as the former creator has departed the critically acclaimed series for almost a year now.

"House Of Cards" Season 5 Canceled?

Netflix is keeping mum about speculations that the hit political drama is already canceled. The rumors might have started due to the slow progress of the show as 2017 is already about to enter yet there are no clear updates so far about the show.

There are new talks coming out still involving Willimon with "House of Cards." His supposed decision to join an opposition group against Trump is speculated to cause the series to be axed. Yet this might be pure speculation since Netflix has already invested in the fifth season of "House of Cards," even assigning Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese as its new showrunners.

Fans of Frank Underwood may then rest their worries as "House of Cards" season 5 is still far from being canceled.

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