Bill Gates Weighs In On Lifting Gay Ban: 'Absolutely' (Video)

Originally known for his innovation in the realm of tech, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates now hopes to bring a new vision to the Boy Scouts of America by having the organization overturn its controversial longtime ban on gays being members.

Gates voiced his opinion about keeping homosexuals out of the Boy Scouts on Wednesday, March 13 in Washington, D.C. during the debut of Politico's new interview series, "Playbook Cocktails."

When Gates, who is an ex-Boy Scout, was asked during the interview whether or not he feels the gay ban should be lifted, he quickly answered, "Absolutely," the Christian Post reports. When asked why he felt this way by Politico's D.C. bureau chief Mike Allen, Gates responded, "Because it's 2013."

The question comes on the tail of a recent survey on the issue of the Boy Scouts' gay ban that was sent to volunteers and parents of members. The survey — which the Boy Scouts hopes will help the organization better understand its community's own perspective on the subject — was sent to 1.1 million adults currently involved with the group. Another 325,000 surveys will be sent to Boy Scout alumni groups soon.

Results of the survey will come into play concerning the Boy Scouts' current interest in possibly lifting the gay ban.

"The survey results, along with the committee's work, will be put into a larger report and along with other feedback will help inform the officers' work on a resolution regarding membership standards," BSA Director of Public Relations Deron Smith said.

Gates made his statement that he believes "absolutely" that the ban should be lifted after making a few quips about his own experiences as a Boy Scout, including weaving baskets, learning how to tie knots and "learning how to hike long distances without complaining too much." Good thing for Gates, — and perhaps the world at large — he still knows when to complain where it counts.

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