Prince Harry Reveals Royal Christmas Wish: Royalty Wants To Be Ordinary And Still Make A Difference In The World

Prince Harry of Whales has been one of the most controversial member if the royal family after having been confirmed to be dating Hollywood actress and "Suits" star, Meghan Markle. Now, the Prince of Whales has opened up about his Christmas wish this year.

Prince Harry Dreams Of Becoming Ordinary; Spends Pre-Christmas With Girlfriend Meghan Markle

In the recent news, last week was the first time that Prince Harry was photographed with her girlfriend, Meghan Markle. It can be recalled that the Prince of Whales casually confirmed their relationship a few weeks ago after announcing to the media to give his girlfriend some privacy. From then on, the couple has been one of the most talked about couples in the world of social media. Thus, the actress recently went to London to spend some time with Prince Harry and have a pre-Christmas celebration. The actress was not invited to the annual royal celebration since she is not yet officially part of the family.

When Prince Harry was then randomly asked about what he wanted for Christmas, he said he wanted to be ordinary. That is something that definitely is hard to attain, especially since he was born into the royal family. Nevertheless, he just feels like he needs to feel it at some point, even though being ordinary is way overrated for them. Thus, he will have to work with the cards that he is dealt with and use it for the greatness of the world.

Prince Harry Wants To Continue Charity Works Started By His Mother, Princess Diana

Speaking of which, Prince Harry has also mentioned about continuing the charity works in Lesotho, South Africa that was started by her late mother, Princess Diana. He hopes that what his mother has started and what he is continuing now shall continue to live on to his future children when he has a family of his own. However, he also said that it's bring to always be the responsible one and believes that it is okay to be a little "naughty" sometimes.

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