Lost Your Apple Wireless AirPods? Pay $69 For Each

Reports have already been disseminated that Apple AirPods are now available for shipping. Although the newest wireless earbuds sound great, its replacement seems not be a music to anyone's ear. Users should be very careful because each one is priced $69.

What Are Not Covered In The Apple AirPods Warranty?

The tag price for the whole set of Apple AirPods is $159. However asking for a replacement is not covered under the warranty, it is also far from being cheap. According to Apple, in the event that the user lost one piece or the charging case, the price for each component is $69. In fact, CNBC said that it will even add up to $207 if everything is to be replaced. On the other hand, the defective battery replacement is $0 for all iPhone models in-warranty or with AppleCare.

The Apple AirPods Are Selling Fast Despite Awkward Criticisms

The AirPods which said to be superior to Bluetooth earphones is a must-have for the upcoming iPhone 7. The sad news is, instead of being packed together with the phones, they are sold on the market separately. In spite of this, the Apple Store keeps on receiving orders from all over the world. Even though there are negative criticisms of looking odd, the sales for the AirPods are skyrocketing. Add to these is the free shipping fee with dates now up to six weeks out.

A Quick Review Of the Apple AirPods Features

Apple AirPods claims to "change the way you use headphones." In its official site, it boasts that this device is automatically on and connected to Apple gadgets with just one tap. This makes listening to iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac a lot easier for the audio instantly plays as soon as the AirPods are in the ears and pauses when taken out. Aside from these, users can also adjust the volume, play the next song, or make a call by activating Siri with a double tap.

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