Amazon Echo Smart Home Accesory To Be Added In Every Wynn Las Vegas Hotel Suites

Next summer, staying at the Wynn Las Vegas will sound like a vacation to remember as the luxury hotel plans to install Amazon Echo smart home accessory. According to Cnet, the devices are soon to be added to every suite, enhancing the guest experience.

Almost 5,000 Hotel Rooms Are To Be Installed With Amazon Echo

The Wynn Las Vegas currently has a total of 4,748 rooms and all of these are going to have Amazon Echo this 2017. This addition was decided in an effort to provide a better and more relaxing stay for all guests. If before people can only enjoy interacting with Alexa at their homes, now, they can have the same convenience while at the Wynn Las Vegas.

“As we have moved through the years, technology has always played an important part in our resorts,” said Steve Wynn, CEO of Wynn Resorts in a press statement. Aside from this, he even said that the Alexa has made their job in delivering a perfect experience to their guest easier and helped them get to another level.

Amazon Echo Allows Guests To Control Their Suites Via Alexa

Whether it's switching the lights on and off or changing the room temperature, Alexa is there to grant one's command. Business Insider said that this device is quick to respond and able to understand requests far better than any device. Another thing that guests can take advantage of while staying in the room is to control different smart gadgets with Crestron integration. In fact, The Wynn confirmed that this high-end, customized automation service, is installed in some of their suites now.

If Alexa Is Always Listening, Then What About The Guests Privacy?

Also according to Wynn's press release, guests will not be able to enjoy the full array of skills or features of Alexa at least in the beginning phase of the project. The hotel has not mentioned about the security measures but it seemed like that the smart home devices won't be using services that include the guest's identity and personal accounts.

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