Super Mario Run Guide, Cheats, Tricks: How To Unlock Green, Purple, Blue, Yellow Toads?

By Lizzie Mefford , Dec 19, 2016 04:20 AM EST

Super Mario Run Toads are expected to build one's Kingdom but not without accomplishing certain tasks. Apparently, certain types of toads may only be unlocked after completion of the whole second world. Moreover, note that the game has not officially come to Android yet as the games that have been coming to the Play Store are said to be clones only.

It has been noted that Super Mario Run Toads are claimed as citizens to help build up a Kingdom. It has been revealed that there are several colors of Toads in the game. Furthermore, the various kinds of toads are said to be offered only at certain levels that may be checked in the Kingdom Builder>Toad Rally>Roster of Opponents on the right. Here, the number of Toads of the rival plus their population may be reflected as well as the different colored Toads.

First and foremost, note that a one-time purchase fee of $9.99 is required to play the full game of Super Mario Run. Moreover, Purple and Green Toads are only unlocked after the first World. Additionally, the Yellow and Blue Super Mario Run Toads are only unlocked after finishing the second World. Furthermore, note that new levels added will also be notified to reveal more colored Toads.

In other news, Super Mario Run is yet to roll out for Android users as only iOS phones may have access to the free demo and the one-time purchase full game. It should be noted that the Android versions coming to the Play Store are said to be faux. It is yet to be revealed when Android users may get to collect coins and rescue princesses.

Super Mario Run for Android users may not come in the near future at all. Apparently, Nintendo has already expressed that they do not intend to release Super Mario Run on Android devices in the near future. Apparently, the game may be Apple-exclusive at least for a while. Watch more about the Super Mario Run Toad Rally here:


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