'General Hospital' Cast News & Spoilers: Morgan Is Alive; Recast Confirmed; Who Is The New Morgan?

For two months now, "General Hospital" viewers were made to believe that Morgan is dead. Latest spoilers, however, divulge that the Corinthos son has never been dead after all. In fact, he's just recuperating. Since the character's portrayer Bryan Craig already ended his contract with ABC, does this mean recast is in the works?

Morgan Is Alive

Who would ever expect that Morgan Corinthos is alive all along after that tragic car explosion that happened back in October? According to recent "General Hospital" spoilers, immediately after Julian's (William DeVry) car was blown up, someone who has evil plans for him managed to take him out before Jason (Billy Miller) was able to call 911 for help. Viewers expected that Morgan's body was shattered to pieces already before authorities came to respond.

The culprit, who remains a mystery and at large until now, originally planted the bomb in Julian's car to kill him and frame Sonny (Maurice Benard) up as the primary suspect responsible for the crime. However, it never did pan out. Spoilers also reveal that the real suspect is a thug trying to gain full control over the cartel power in Port Charles. From the looks of it, Morgan is in the hospital recuperating under the surveillance of the new villain.

To recall last week's episodes, some mysterious identity was scenting from a distance away from Jason and Curtis (Donnell Turner) who have been in quest to pin down the killer's identity. That mysterious identity is the underling of the villain. Back when Morgan stole the car from Julian's garage, the underling saw what he did prompting him to follow the victim.

Accordingly, Morgan managed to take himself out of the burning car and went home in pain and dilapidated. Peeking from the window, Morgan heard Sonny telling Carly (Laura Wright) that their son was already dead. This prompted Morgan to hide so his family wouldn't suffer anymore. Unfortunately, the villain's underling seized him.

Recast Confirmed In The Works

The boss villain saw it necessary for Morgan to stay alive so he brought him for treatment and so he could have a plastic surgery. This means that recast has already been in the works all along. Even so, the new actor to portray Morgan Corinthos hasn't been named yet.

"General Hospital" spoilers reveal that the new villain will use Morgan against Sonny. In recent developments, Jason and Curtis already informed Sonny that someone else planted the bomb that killed Morgan. Certainly, the new villain will soon be revealed.

Are you excited about the entry of the new villain? How do you feel about bringing back Morgan Corinthos with a new portrayer? Comment down below your thoughts!

"General Hospital" airs Mondays thru Fridays at 2:00 p.m. ET on ABC.


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