What Are The Top 8 Highest Rated Shows On Netflix?

By Joana Verdeflor , Dec 19, 2016 06:38 PM EST

Netflix has achieved so much. It has already gathered a total of 75 million users worldwide streaming 42.5 billion hours in 2015 alone.

Initially, Netflix offered TV shows created by other networks. By 2012, the company decided to produce it's own material. In fact, Netflix spearheaded the television networks in 2016 Golden Globes by garnering eight nominations.

Now we come to the next question, which among these Netflix Original TV Shows have earned the most ratings? Here are the Top 8.

8. Chef's Table

Smart Rating: 84.57

Number of Episodes: 6

Number of Seasons: 1

"Chef's Table" was Netflix's first attempt in exploring the world of cooking- and it has been a success.

The show features the lives of six famous chefs.The show been nominated for one Primetime Emmy (Outstanding Music Composition for a Series). It also won the nternational Documentary Association's award for Best Episodic Series.

7. Sense8

Smart Rating: 84.84

Number of Episodes: 12

Number of Seasons: 1

"Sense8" was produced by Wachowskis brothers who also created The Matrix series. This show features a phenomenal sci-fi drama. The release date of Season has unfortunately been moved from June 2016 to somewhere around 2017.

#6. Marvel's Jessica Jones

Smart Rating: 84.86

Number of Episodes: 13

Number of Seasons: 1

It only took one season for its fanatics to get attached to the superhero character of Jessica Jones. Rotten Tomatoes has in fact called the show as "Marvel's strongest TV franchise to date."

#5. Making a Murderer

Smart Rating: 85.19

Number of Episodes: 10

Number of Seasons: 1

"Making a Murderer" is a thriller that held its fans in 10 gripping episodes, filmed over 10 years. The story features controversies in the first degree murder case against Steven Avery - a man who has been falsely convicted once before.

#4. Narcos

Smart Rating: 85.50

Number of Episodes: 10

Number of Seasons: 1

"Narcos" initially premiered in 2015. It tells us of a true story about Pablo Escobar, a Columbian drug kingpin. This phenomenal show has earned nominations for two Golden Globes, including Best Television Series.

#3. Marvel's Daredevil

Smart Rating: 86.22

Number of Episodes: 26

Number of Seasons: 1

"Daredevil" was was created by producer Drew Goddard. Goddard is also behind the successful "Alias", "Lost," and "The Martian." Fans are dran to this adaptation because it doesn't portray a fun, comic book-like superhero image. In fact, Business Insider says that the "Daredevil" show is "the best superhero adaptation on screen since 'The Dark Knight.'"

#2. Orange Is the New Black

Smart Rating: 86.39

Number of Episodes: 39

Number of Seasons: 3

The pilot season of "Orange is the New Black" has taken its basis off "Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison" by Piper Kerman. The show however quickly transitioned from that story. Its fans all the more loved the exciting and unexpected twists in the story.

#1. House of Cards

Smart Rating: 87.93

Number of Episodes: 40

Number of Seasons: 3

"House of Cards" tells us a story about Congressman in dire want of revenge. The plot is significantly supported by the strong characters of Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. This is further complimented by the intriguing twists and turns every season-certainly enough proof why "House of Cards"has been rated top among Netflix Originals.

We now see that not all Netflix shows are created equally. The essence of each and every material still depends on the audience and the genre that suits our taste. Originality often stands out but the greater part relies on the execution of the plot supported by the strong performances of its characters.

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