WB Montereal Announces Cancellation Of Suicide Squad Game; New Batman Game Incoming

By Sarene Mae Butao , Dec 20, 2016 04:40 AM EST

Batman: Arkham trilogy was developed by Rocksteady Studios, however there was a prequel game in Batman: Arkham Origins from WB Montreal that came in between the release of Arkham City and Arkham Knight. Ever since, rumors were circulating that there is an upcoming Suicide Squad game. However, it seems like this game will be cancelled in place of a new Batman game.

In the recent years, Suicide Squad property has generated hot issues behind its famous characters such as Harley Quinn. These characters usually come out in on TV shows like Arrow. They also have an animated movie and just recently, it even had its own film last August which drew different perceptions.

Therefore, a game that based on Suicide Squad might bring home a positive vibe along with its various characters each having their own unique play styles. This game was from WB Montreal and was in development for how many years until they stopped recently.

As per Kotaku, sources said that they were able to previously confirmed the game's existence and they are now saying that this game was already cancelled when Warner Bros. made a decision to just move on right after the game's development became quite complicated, as reported by Attack of the Fan Boy.

WB Montreal, Kotaku said, will be focusing on a new rumored Batman game and the spotlight will be on Damian Wayne. Kotaku further added that they will be making an announcement during the early part of this month and it might be during The Game Awards or PSX.

Since the studio has been through a lot this year, maybe they will be planning to add other games which will be handled by a larger development team before they will be unveiling it. This idea of a Suicide Squad might hopefully not die down since it really has good potential.


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